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Dear UEFA president: We expect you to keep the super-clubs in check

ESPN FC's Sid Lowe explains how new UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin could stand in the way of a reformed Champions League.

Wednesday saw the election of a new Union of European Football Associations president, with Slovenian FA president Aleksander Ceferin winning the vote. Gab Marcotti writes an open letter to the new chief, from whom lots will be expected.

Dear Mr. President:

Congratulations on winning the election. Getting 42 of 55 UEFA member nations to vote for you when until a few months ago few outside of Slovenia had heard of you is no small feat.

You do have a Wikipedia entry, but it's only...

Why Real Madrid's bid to win back-to-back Champions Leagues is difficult

Real Madrid's Gareth Bale would relish the opportunity to lift the Champions League trophy in Cardiff this season.

You huffed and puffed to get to 10 -- because it's a nice, round number -- and, after a 10-year wait, you hit the mark in 2014.

Last year, you got to 11, which is more than one-and-a-half times as many as your nearest challenger. How do you follow that up? Why, by trying to defend your title of European champion, which is something no club has done since 1990, a distant time when there were two Germanys and only one famous Kardashian (Robert).

Few clubs are as aware of their place in history and...

Man United must learn, Barca slip up, Ronaldo returns, Totti inspires, more

The ESPN FC crew evaluate the entertainment factor of the first Manchester Derby featuring Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola.

The Manchester derby lived up to the hype, at least for the neutral. A lot of the focus postmatch was on individual incidents and performances, but there was also an interesting tactical punch/counterpunch to the game.

The United XI picked by Jose Mourinho clearly could not cope with the sharpness of City's possession in the first half, particularly in the middle of the park. So he threw on Ander Herrera alongside Paul Pogba and Marouane Fellaini and suddenly City's passing lanes were disrupted...

Mourinho and Guardiola can make Manchester capital of world football

A look back on the explosive war of words between Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho from 2010 and 2011.
Former Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel believes Jose Mourinho has the upper hand going into the Manchester Derby.

They make things here. Things you can touch and feel and things that exist only in your mind and sometimes in your soul.

This is where the Industrial Revolution took off and where non-religious vegetarianism was conceived.

This is where John Dalton helped define atomic theory and where Oasis helped define '90s rock.

This is where they built and operated the world's first passenger railroad and where, after an IRA bomb flattened the city center 20 years ago, they picked themselves up, dusted themselves...

European football's progress towards a break-even point could be seismic

ESPN FC's Alejandro Moreno and Ross Dyer discuss the report that the elite UCL clubs could earn over €100 million.

Don't look now, but European football is edging towards a break-even point. And we're talking the European game as a whole, more than 700 clubs across UEFA's 55 member nations and not just the top echelon we keep hearing about.

According to UEFA's eighth annual benchmarking report -- basically, a fine-tooth study of the club game -- losses in 2015 amounted to around $360 million. In 2011, they stood at $2,314 million -- or $2.3 billion with a "B." In other words, the past...

David Luiz is a risk for Chelsea, but Antonio Conte has reason to be happy

The ESPN FC crew discuss how the return of David Luiz will affect Chelsea in the defensive third.

It's no secret that David Luiz was not Chelsea's first-choice option to bolster their central defence. The club had pursued a range of center-backs, most notably Napoli's Kalidou Koulibaly and Milan's Alessio Romagnoli, without success. Chelsea were stuck. Indeed, if manager Antonio Conte hadn't signed off on Luiz in the last 72 hours of the transfer window, this deal might never have happened.

On Tuesday night, 24 hours before the transfer window shut, Chelsea had all but given up. PSG were refusing...