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Low's new Germany comes at a price


Euro 2016 semifinals: Portugal vs. Wales as it happened

Portugal meet Wales in Lyon in the first semifinal of Euro 2016. Will it be Cristiano Ronaldo or Gareth Bale who heads to Paris on Sunday to play either Germany or France in the final? Kickoff is at 9 p.m. CET, 3 p.m. ET (ESPN).


Portugal 2-0 Wales - FULL TIME!

Game review: Not the most exciting of matches, but a brief five minutes of Portuguese magic turned the game completely on its head. Wales were by far the better side in the first half but they weren't positive enough and didn't make the most of the few half chances they did create. Portugal, however, have scrapped their way to final it has to be said. The easiest group and a couple of penalty shootouts, but it doesn't matter, they're playing either France or Germany in Paris on Sunday!

Portugal rating: 7/10 - Poor first half, but a moment of magic turned the game on it's head and from then on it was very easy.

Ronaldo rating: 8/10 - Scored the first, and ultimately set up the second. Largely anonymous for the most part, but it doesn't matter when you're as good as CR7. Dangerous at any moment.

Wales rating: 6/10 - They gave a good account of themselves throughout but were made to pay for not making the most of their decent first half performance.

Bale rating: 7/10 - Threatening at times, and had a fairly decent game, but he can't do it all on his own. Missed Ramsey's workrate and attacking runs to compliment his overall play.

AND IT'S THERE! PORTUGAL ARE THROUGH TO THE FINAL OF EURO 2016!!! Full time review coming up any moment now...

90+3 MIN: However, Portugal have managed to maintain possession and we're now just moments away from full time ... !

90+2 MIN: Straight in to the wall! 

90+1 MIN: Freekick for Portugal from 20 metres out! Allen brings down Quaresma out of pure frustration!


90 MIN: And quite refreshingly, Quaresma's hit it into the box rather than play it short to waste time. Ronaldo does rise the highest, but it bounces down to Wales' keeper.

89 MIN: Corner to Portugal! Wales are a bit stretched at the back and Portugal pounce on them. 

88 MIN: Yellow for Bale! The frustration has well and truly set in for Wales now and the Madrid man's boot is very high and hits Cedric in the face. Ouch.

87 MIN: And the Portuguese aren't giving it back with ease this time. Wales are having to work hard!

85 MIN: Bale tries to find J.Williams but the throughball's too much and it's Portugal again. Nani's coming off for Quaresma.

84 MIN: Finally Portugal have claimed the ball of the bombardment of Welsh bodies, and it's an opportunity for them to shut the clock down. Pass, pass, pass.

83 MIN: Bale freekick into the wall! Similar sort of position to how he scored vs. England, but he can't pull off another beauty like he did against Hodgson's side. 

82 MIN: Portugal just sitting back, getting bodies behind the ball and are soaking up all the Welsh offensive efforts. 

80 MIN: Wales are continuing to press and Bale's just had an absolute monster of shot parried away. Probably 40-45 metres that one and it really troubled the Portugal keeper. Coleman's side are bundling everyone in the box now. 

78 MIN: Ronaldo shoots from range and it's away for the corner. Exactly what the Portuguese would've wanted, a chance to run the clock down. 

76 MIN: Chance for Bale! Volleys it from outside the box but it's straight into Rui Patricio's hands, again. 

74 MIN: Some nice play from Wales in the Portugal half, and they manage to muster a couple of half decent crosses. However, the only players on the end of them are Portuguese ones. Time is running out!

72 MIN: Portugal counterattack straight away but Sanches' eventual shot is way over. And on that note, the midfielder is off and Andre Gomes is on in his place.

71 MIN: Wales manage to grab hold of another freekick opportunity, but Chester's headed attempt isn't good enough and finds Rui Patricio. 

70 MIN: Fonte goes close! Portugal earn the corner and it's met by Fonte at the far stick who rises well and heads it on target! However, Wales' keeper's there to keep it out.

69 MIN: Bale's taken up a much deeper role now and seems to be trying far too hard to make things happen. He's just overhit a simple pass out for a goalkick.

67 MIN: Vokes has a chance! In-swinging ball from Bale but Vokes completely mistimes it and heads it way off target.

66 MIN: Nearly a Portugal third! Nani shoots from range, Hennessy can only parry into Joao Mario's path but he's sliced it wide. 

65 MIN: ...straight into Rui Patricio's hands.

64 MIN: Wales earn the freekick themselves now, and Bale's swinging it for Chester, Collins and Williams to get on the end of...

62 MIN: Ronaldo freekick from 28 metres out goes just over the bar. Not a bad effort. But, that's his 42nd direct freekick at a major tournament, all of which have been missed.

61 MIN: Crossfield ball to Vokes in the box and the substitute does superbly to bring it down with his chest. However, Alves' presence is just enough to put him off and Portugal's goalkeeper manages to latch hold. 

59 MIN: Bale gives away a niggling little foul on Danilo. Unnecessary. Frustration is setting in.

This leap is just ridiculous: 

57 MIN: Wales struggling to get going again after that double setback, and Portugal are having all the ball at the minute. They're growing in confidence.

55 MIN: Sanches clipped by Taylor along the half way line and Portugal have the freekick. Joe Ledley's coming off for Sam Vokes.

54 MIN: Wales look to hit back with a freekick manoeuvre of their own but it's poorly hit by Bale and finds Rui Patricio's hands. Time for Coleman to make a change. Huge 35 minutes coming up!





48 MIN: Portugal freekick just shy of the centre circle is hit into Wales' danger zone, but King heads clear for the corner. 

46 MIN: James Chester out muscles Sanches completely, plastering the Portugal man to the deck. Wales have started this half on the front foot already.


HALF TIME REVIEW: One word: cagey. Not the most exciting game with both sides just poking eachother in hope that one of them will slip up. Wales have stuck to their game plan well but they haven't been particulary positive when on the ball, while Portugal aren't really creating much when they have possession either. The game already feels like extra time and penalties, especially as the nerves get even more as we approach 90 minutes.

PORTUGAL RATING: 5/10 - Some possession, but not a lot else. Reduced to shooting from range.

RONALDO RATING: 3/10 - Not his best performance, again. Really struggling to get a foothold in the game. 

WALES RATING: 6/10 - Long ball football for the majority, but they've worked hard and have probably been the better side.

BALE RATING: 6/10 - Feeding off scraps for the large part of the game, but he's been a threat when on the ball, earning the odd corner here and there.


45 MIN: Chance for Ronaldo! In-swinging cross from the left flank finds Ronaldo at the far post but the Madrid man heads it wide!

44 MIN: Nani dribbles a cross across the deck and Williams is delighted with that one. He can control and pass it to Ledley, rather than a long aimless clearance just to release the pressure.

43 MIN: And that's collected by Hennessey with ease!

Cristiano Ronaldo has won 1/3 aerial duels so far, and one he did win was against Joe Allen.

42 MIN: Long-range shot from Ronaldo is shut down by Collins right on the edge of the box. Corner ball.

40 MIN: Portuguese possession at the moment. They're biding the time and praying Wales make a mistake.

38 MIN: Alves concedes a freekick for fouling Robson-Kanu. Both went for the header, but the Portugal man was deemed to have pushed. Not much else has happened, long ball football from both sides at the moment. 

36 MIN: Wales have had the better chances and definitely look the more likely side of victory so far, but there's no hiding the fact it's been a cagey affair. Both sides are poking eachother to find a weak link, but neither side's giving anything away just yet.

34 MIN: Portugal enjoying more of the possession right now, just waiting for them to do something of note with it, though...


Portugal: 3
On target: 0

Wales: 3
On target: 1

33 MIN: Hopeful long ball down the right channel from Nani can't find Sanches, and it's off for the goal kick.

31 MIN: Possession football for Wales at the moment. They're controlling the tempo and picking their passes with ease. Portugal really need to get stuck in and start imposing themselves if they're to have any chance of winning this game. They're not managing to get anything going besides hopeful shots from outside the area.

28 MIN: Cedric shoots from 40 yards and that's into row Z, perhaps even out the ground...

27 MIN: Portugal have had the odd glimpse at the counterattack, but Wales' defending has been superb. Sanches has just been ushered out of play, while Joao Mario's attempt of a through ball can't escape Williams. Wales, so far, the better side.

25 MIN: Robson-Kanu causes havoc! Wales are having a lot of joy down the right flank and this time it's their striker causing problems. Whips a cross in but it's just cleared by Fonte!

24 MIN: Wales are yet to have any really clear cut chances, but they're knocking at the door and asking questions of Portugal. Ronaldo's yet to get firing again, and so far, his Madrid teammate's having the better game.

22 MIN: Bale goes close AGAIN! The Wales international nicks it off Danilo and leaves the Portugal man on the deck inside the Wales half. Bale runs a good 50 or so metres unchallenged then lets rip from 25 yards out. It's on target, but Rui Patricio comfortably saves. 

21 MIN: Wales go close again! Bale causing havoc down the wings and he's just managed to get a cross in across the deck. However, his teammate Andy King just can't stretch enough and it's into Rui Patricio's hands!

19 MIN: Bale goes close! Corner routine from the training ground that one. Ledley walks over, raises the ball over his head in signal, places it down, and then passes it to Bale along the deck. Manages to get a shot away but it's just over!

18 MIN: Good play from Wales! Through ball to Bale down the left flank, and Wales have earnt the corner after the his cross is blocked and away.

16 MIN: Joao Mario has a shot from just outside the box, but it's way wide and he never really looked like threatening as he was situated too far wide of the goal in the first place. 

15 MIN: Wales opting for the long ball quite often here, but as of yet they're not having much luck. Alves and Fonte are tall and good in the air, so not sure how well that tactics going to work...

13 MIN: Portugal's back four are playing their own little game of keep-ball amongst themselves. Bale's pressing, but he can run down the entire Portuguese backline on his own. 

11 MIN: The game's starting to settle again now after that brief threat with some slow passing from both sides. Williams tries the long ball to Bale, but it's too long and away for the goalkick.

9 MIN: Chance for Portugal! Dangerous cross from Cedric down the right flank is heading right towards Ronaldo, but James Collins makes a fantastic clearing header and Wales escape. That was the perfect cross from the Southampton full-back. Ronaldo will be wanting more of that.

8 MIN: Yellow card for Joe Allen! Not ideal for the Liverpool man this early on, but fortunately the tackle hasn't given Ronaldo an opportunity to shoot, not that his freekicks of late have been any good anyway...

7 MIN: Bale looking to return fire with a through ball of his own, but Cedric's there too block that.

5 MIN: Ronaldo looks to put through Joao Mario down the left channel, but his pass is carrying too much power and Collins uses his body well and allows it to go for the goalkick. Good defending.

4 MIN: Finally Portugal have a brief moment of possession, but Fonte punts long to Sanches, and Williams towers over the incoming-Bayern Munich man and clears away.

3 MIN: All Wales so far still. A stray pass finds Ronaldo, but Williams superbly tackles the Real Madrid man and wins his side the ball back. Come on Portugal, are you even interested? 

1 MIN: First minute or so has been all Wales. Nothing decent of note yet, but there's intent to their passing and everything's being done with pace.Coleman's side aren't hanging about, it seems...


19.57 BST: Anthem time. Kick off is just moments away. Here is Pepe's replacement: 

19.55 BST: The scene is set, the players are bundling down the tunnel, the fans are cheering, the nerves are kicking in ... !

19.52 BST: Chance for Bale and co to make history...

19.50 BST: Portugal are regarded as favourites, but Wales have been the underdog multiple times in this tournament and here they are in the semifinal. No one expected them to beat the world's No. 2 side Belgium, so an 'upset' here against Portugal should definitely not be written off. Coleman's side have the momentum and will be confident after such an emphatic quarterfinal win, too.

19.44 BST: The game's been billed as Bale vs. Ronaldo, but it's definitely far more than that...

While both players have scored goals at Euro 2016 -- and some great ones at that -- neither have really lit the tournament alight. Could this be the night where that all changes for one of them?

19.37 BST: Portugal are still yet to win a game in 90 minutes. They're two penalty shootouts away from winning the European Championship without winning an game in normal time. Madness.

19.30 BST: Wales may be without one of their star players of the tournament in Aaron Ramsey, but Portugal have also been dealt unexpected blow with Pepe not included in the starting line up. He may be unpredictable at times -- and often regarded as a liability -- but his experience here would've been a huge help and Portugal will no doubt miss his presence in their back line.

Portugal XI: Rui Patricio; Cedric, Fonte, Alves, Guerreiro; Danilo, Joao Mario, Adrien, Renato Sanches; Nani, Ronaldo.

Wales XI: Hennessey; Gunter, Chester, Collins, Williams, Taylor; King, Ledley, Allen; Robson-Kanu, Bale.>

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