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Low's new Germany comes at a price


France vs. Romania - Euro 2016 opening game as it happened


France XI: Lloris, Sagna, Koscielny, Rami, Evra, Kante, Matuidi, Pogba, Griezmann, Payet, Giroud.

Romania XI: Tatarusanu, Sapunaru, Grigore, Chiriches, Rat, Hoban, Pintilii, Stanciu, Popa, Stancu, Andone.

22.08 BST - Here's former France and Arsenal star Thierry Henry, speaking to the BBC about Payet: "No one is going to take what is happening to him now away from him. He showed tremendous desire. He was the one that drove the team forward.

"Let's not forget Romania played really well. They are unfortunate and have lost because Dimitri Payet happened."


90+3 MINS - Romania have a late free-kick, which is cleared and Sissoko races into the Romania half but blazes an effort wide from the edge of the area. That is pretty much that for time...

90 MINS - Three minutes of injury time to be played.

90 MINS - A colossal ovation as Payet comes off to make way for Moussa Sissoko. On day one, Payet has scored what will surely be one of the goals of the tournament.

89 MINS - What a goal that is. Wonderful. Kante prods the ball to Payet on the edge of the area, and he takes one touch before belting an unstoppable effort high into the top corner. He's been their man of the match for my money -- and now he looks like being their match-winner, too.


87 MINS - Evra overlaps down the other side. He is eased off the ball as he tries to get into a crossing position. A suspicion of a foul there, but not in the eyes of the officials.

85 MINS - Last five minutes. The flag goes up against the overlapping Sagna. France are pushing for a winner.

84 MINS - Kante fouls Torje. This is a free-kick in a good position for Romania to cross -- but the flag is up when the delivery comes in.

82 MINS - Popa off, and Gabriel Torje on. He's an attacking player. Romania aren't just shutting up shop and clinging on for a point here -- they have an eye on the break.

81 MINS - Giroud and Martial link, and the latter's shot from the edge of the area isn't hit right and bobbles its way back to the goalkeeper.

80 MINS - Hoban tries a thoroughly ambitious effort from a long way out. Over the top. Ten minutes remaining in this opening game of Euro 2016.

78 MINS - Popa is booked for hauling back Payet as the West Ham man tries to spark a break for France. He is booked. That is what you call and open and shut case.

76 MINS - And here comes Anthony Martial. Paul Pogba is the man who makes way.

74 MINS - A couple of crosses from France, a couple of clearances by Romania. Time is beginning to tick away for France, who looked set fair when Giroud struck but now have to do it all over again if they are to take maximum points from their first group game in their tournament.

72 MINS - Alexandru Chipciu comes on for Romania, with Stanciu the man who makes way.

70 MINS  - The home fans, stunned into silence by that equaliser, now try to get their team going again. There are 20 minutes for one of these two sides to find a winner at the Stade de France.

68 MINS - Giroud goes down after controlling the ball in the Romania area, and he wants a penalty. He's appealing that he was being held by his defender, but to be honest that looked 50-50. Moments later, he is booked for a foul as he goes up for a header.

65 MINS - As cool a penalty as you could wish to see. Stancu, the man fouled, sends Lloris the wrong way and the ball is into the corner. France respond by taking off Griezmann and bringing on Kingsley Coman.


64 MINS - PENALTY TO ROMANIA! Stancu gets into the area and is clipped by Evra. The referee wasn't going to give it and appears to do so after some advice.

62 MINS - Giroud stretches out a foot to help on a Payet free-kick, but Pogba can't quite get there. A whisker away from 2-0, which you feel would be enough for France to wrap up victory here.

60 MINS - A Romania corner, and Andone gets to it but directs his header over the top. Andone is substituted seconds later and Denis Alibec is on in his place. That's a like-for-like swap.

58 MINS - Giroud has had his moments of frustration tonight -- but now he has a goal. Payet is the man who makes it, unsurprisingly, bending in a cross which Tatarusanu comes for but doesn't make and Giroud heads home. Joy and relief for France!


56 MINS - Brilliant from Payet, who races into the area on the left and finds Pogba, whose fierce volley is saved. Anywhere either side of the keeper, and that would have been France in front.

55 MINS - Payet tries to get Pogba in, but just overhits his pass and forces his colleague wide. Back come France...

51 MINS - Giroud again -- but his effort is saved. Payet was the provider, and that was good football from the Euro 2016 hosts.

50 MINS - Good from Romania again, but when the ball comes to Rat he tries a very optimistic effort from miles out and it cannons off a defender to safety.He was never going to score from there, and he had options wide of him...

48 MINS - Chance for Stancu -- he is played through, chests it down but it's an awkward sort of finish and bounces wide. Romania started the first half well -- and they are replicating that here in the second period.

46 MINS - Andone almost gets in very quickly, but Remi does well. Then Sapunaru comes forward, but can only drift his cross over the bar and away for a goal-kick. The home fans are back in full voice as they try to gee their players up here.

46 MINS - Romania get the second half under way. They will be delighted with how things have gone so far. What can they produce in the second half? And can France find a way to break through?


45 MINS - Two minutes of added time. Kante makes a brilliant intecreption, turns away from his man and sprays a wonderful crossfield pass. From it, France get a corner and Giroud has a free header about 12 yards out. It's over the top, though. He could, and maybe should, have managed better from there.

44 MINS - In the end, for a man who took a string of wonderful free-kicks last season, it's a poor one. Pogba tries to make something of it but Romania -- and here's that theme -- are resolute in defence. Rats is booked for a foul on Giroud. Nearly half-time, and we still await the first goal of Euro 2016.

43 MINS - Payet, who has produced flickers of inspiration, is flattened by Pintilii. Free-kick on the left for France, dangerous position. Late chance to take a half-time lead?

40 MINS - Andone is OK again. Five minutes plus, you would think, a minute or two of stoppages, remaining until the break.

38 MINS - Andone is down in the area after jumping for the ball inside the D. Did he get fouled by Koscielny? Should that have been a free-kick right on the edge of the box?

36 MINS - Close from France, as Payet thumps in a low cross and Griezmann meets it first time. It's just wide, and looked to have hit a defender on the way through -- but no corner, say the officials. Seconds later, a lovely touch from Giroud almost finds Griezmann clear, but he is offside.

34 MINS - A little lull in the atmosphere, a little moment of drift in the game. There's not a lot happening. Romania are showing all the defensive discipline we have come to associate with them, and there have been one or two groans from the crowd as a pass or two goes astray.

31 MINS - Chiriches fouls Giroud and becomes the first man in the book at Euro 2016.

30 MINS - Rats whacks the ball clear as the game hits the half-hour mark. Payet hangs on too long when in a promising position on the left. He had men over, but by the time he had looked up, the chance for the pass was gone. Pintilii has an injury for Romania, but he is back on his feet pretty soon.

27 MINS - Pogba turns, shoots -- and finds only an effort that is too high. Griezmann had some space, and I don't think he was too thrilled not to get the pass.

24 MINS - Great defending by Grigore, who gets a toe to a dangerous through-ball that would otherwise have found Giroud inside the area and all on his own. Corner... which comes to nothing but another corner. Tatarusanu catches that one.

22 MINS - And there's Pogba again -- he floats a superb ball over the top, but Giroud had run a fraction too early and the offside flag goes up. Giroud wears the sort of rueful look that he wore quite a lot during his long goal drought for Arsenal in the second half of last season.

19 MINS - Another burst of La Marseillaise from the blue-clad masses in the stands. They are enjoying some of what their players have done so far -- and particularly the efforts of Paul Pogba, who is beginning to have more and more of an influence on the game.

17 MINS - Griezmann is scurrying about, winning a few loose balls in midfield and making a good challenge to atone for an error that saw him give possession away. Then N'Golo Kante makes the sort of brilliantly-timed tackle Leicester fans will be used to, stopping Romania from building some momentum in midfield.

15 MINS - So one close call each -- Romania seeing that close-range shot blocked by Lloris, Griezmann seeing his effort rattle the post.

13 MINS - FRANCE HIT THE POST! Pogba passes, Sagna crosses and when Griezmann misses his kick the ball comes back to him off a defender and his deft header pings back off the post. So close to the opening goal -- and this is a much better spell from France.

10 MINS - Payet plays a little ball across to Griezmann, just outside the area, whose effort is deflected over the top. A lovely crossfield pass by Pogba had put Payet in possession, and that was a move that showed the quality France have. From the corner, Giroud heads narrowly wide. That was a decent chance.

8 MINS - Laurent Koscielny and Adil Rami were nervous there, but they were not the only ones. Hands up if you expected Romania to start cagily, defensively? Well, they haven't.

5 MINS - A huge chance for Romania, and they should have taken it. Lloris did well to block, but from six yards out he should not have been given the chance to do so.

3 MINS - The first corner of the tournament goes to Romania -- and they should have scored from it. The shot is prodded goalwards by Stancu and is scrambled away by Lloris from almost on the line. From the follow-up corner, a flick by Andone is wide of the mark. Big, big scares for France.

1 MIN - Matuidi tries a shot from an angle very early on. It's a mishit and bobbles, but keeper Tatarusanu makes a bit of a meal of things before gathering. Very front foot start from the hosts.


20.00 BST - There will be 51 games in this year;'s new, enlarged tournament format. France are about to kick off the first one...

19.55 BST - AND HERE COME THE PLAYERS! It's anthem time. Romania's first, then it's La Marseillaise.

19.54 BST - In the final touch, as music from David Guetta blares out, a sort of flag bearing an image of the Eiffel Tower is hoisted high. The ceremony is almost over, and the actual football is around five minutes away from beginning.

19.52 BST - Former France international Thierry Henry tells the BBC France "have not had a team like this since 2006. You have to have a certain amount of luck. I think they can win it, and I hope they do."

19.50 BST - And he was right:

19.45 BST - Now there's some Edith Piaf. You can't go wrong with a bit of Edith Piaf music -- this is La Vie En Rose, and it's been jazzed up a bit.

19.45 BST - And the opening ceremony is upon us. It's set in a vision of a classic French park or formal garden, and includes a dancer who appears to be dressed as candyfloss. There are nods to the Can-Can, too. Actually -- more than nods. Now everyone out there is dancing it.

19.43 BST - Fifteen minutes until Euro 2016 kicks off. Fifteen minutes in which you can test your knowledge of this tournament's history:

19.43 BST -

19.40 BST - Here's what Deschamps said yesterday: "I'm not going to tell you what I'm going to say to the players. But of course it's a special context -- it's the opening match and everything that it represents."

"You need to have that feeling in the pit of your stomach, that clenched jaw when you walk out onto the pitch."

And he should know: he captained France to their 1998 World Cup victory and success in the European Championship two years later.

19.34 BST - The France players are looking pretty relaxed out there as the stands fill up. There's already plenty of noise and loads of colour -- big splashes of French blue and Romanian yellow.

France might need to be relaxed, too: they are up against a Romania side that is not at all easy to break down. Letting in only two goals in 10 qualifying games is a stat that tells its own story.

19.31 BST - Manchester United star Anthony Martial has to be content with a place on the bench for thew French tonight. Dimitri Payet is on the left, with Olivier Giroud through the middle and Antoine Griezmann on the right.

19.28 BST - France coach Didier Deschamps says he has been waiting for this moment for two years. In a little over half an hour, his team will kick off the 2016 European Championship. Can they start in style? Or will Romania spring a surprise?

19.23 BST - And here's the scene at the Stade de France. France have won as hosts before -- the World Cup in 1998, the European Championship in 1984. Will the hosts be celebrating again?

19.01 BST - Our Romania blogger isn't happy about the retweets:

19.00 BST - The team lineups are out, and Dimitri Payet starts for France.

France XI vs Romania: Lloris, Sagna, Koscielny, Rami, Evra, Kante, Matuidi, Pogba, Griezmann, Payet, Giroud.

Romania XI vs France: Tatarusanu, Sapunaru, Grigore, Chiriches, Rat, Hoban, Pintilii, Stanciu, Popa, Stancu, Andone.


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